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How We Helped a 50-Year-Old Customs Broker Solidify Their Market Positioning

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Project Overview

TLR faced a tough market, competing to attract high-value clients in the Alcohol, Wine, and Spirits sector. Their old website didn’t reflect their expertise or the professional quality of their services, which made it hard to win over new business and upsell additional services like Duty Drawback.

Where TLR-Total Logistics Resource, Inc. Started

Originally, TLR’s online presence was outdated and disjointed. This lack of cohesion made potential clients hesitant, unsure if TLR was the seasoned professional team they needed for complex customs and freight forwarding tasks.

  • They were trying to expand into a highly regulated and sensitive vertical (defense)
  • They weren’t tracking lead form submissions at all
  • They weren’t converting site visitors into form submissions
  • They were expanding into Europe and didn’t have their GDPR coverage in place
  • They weren’t structured for SEO
  • They were facing an SMTP issue where e-mails weren’t getting directed to their inbox
Old website
Old website

What TLR-Total Logistics Resource, Inc. Wanted

TLR aimed to transform their online identity to reflect their industry authority and reliability, hoping to attract more specialized clients and seamlessly introduce new services to their existing customer base.

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What We Did For This Project

At the heart of our strategy was a complete reimagining of TLR’s digital footprint. Understanding that our client’s needs were specific and their industry highly specialized, we embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of their website design.

  1. Understanding and Planning
    First, our team held multiple strategy sessions with TLR to capture the essence of their brand and the needs of their target clientele. We sought to understand their different markets, and the services they offered for each. We then determined their ideal customer profile for each service. From there, we mapped each service page in their new website design, and strategically planned an SEO strategy behind each page to capture net new leads for this customs brokerage.

    Our 2021 version of our buyer persona matrix site map planning
    Our sitemap plan for the website
  2. Design and Development
    Armed with insights, we crafted a modern, responsive website design that not only aligned with TLR’s brand identity but also catered to the user experience of their specific B2B audience. Key features included a streamlined navigation system, a professional aesthetic that conveyed reliability, and dedicated pages for each service, especially highlighting Duty Drawback to educate and attract existing clients to this offering. design planning
    Our design planning for the homepage
  3. Integrations and Compliance
    We implemented a custom CRM integration using HubSpot, ensuring all customer interactions were seamlessly tracked and managed, enhancing TLR’s sales processes. Compliance with GDPR was also a priority, ensuring that the website met all legal requirements for handling customer data securely.

    GDPR Compliance tooling
    A GDPR Compliance tool that we deployed
  4. Launch and Optimization
    The new website was launched in under two months. Post-launch, we didn’t just walk away. Our team continued to support TLR with website maintenance, regular analytics reviews, and optimizations based on user feedback and engagement metrics to continually enhance website performance.
  5. Social Media and Content Strategy
    Parallel to the web development, our digital marketing team revitalized TLR’s social media presence, aligning it with their new brand image and using it as a tool to drive traffic to the website and generate leads.

The Results We Drove

Within just two months post-launch, TLR’s new website saw a 20x increase in traffic, soaring to 2,000 unique visitors per month. More importantly, this heightened visibility translated into tangible business opportunities, with 30 new inquiries coming in every month. This wasn’t just a visual upgrade—it was a strategic realignment that positioned TLR at the forefront of their industry.

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