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Project Overview

SEA.O.G, a respected player in marine engineering, was struggling to translate their real-world reputation into online success. They needed to modernize their digital footprint without breaking the bank.

Where SEA.O.G Started

Initially reliant on traditional methods like trade shows and referrals, SEA.O.G’s online presence was not as optimized as it could have been, limiting its visibility in a digitally advancing world.

  • Not a lot of descriptive text on their website for the Search Engines to Index
  • No clear way to track the effectiveness of internet marketing pushes
  • They weren’t capturing form submissions, so the website was just a business card
  • The 50 visitors/mo visiting their website were warm audiences
  • The main website started with a big hero video, with no guiding text
SEA.O.G Old Website
Old SEA.O.G Website Homepage


What SEA.O.G Wanted

SEA.O.G aimed to overhaul the description of their services, their brand, and to show up on Google. They required a robust online platform that could not only showcase their expertise but also attract high-value clients internationally.

They really nailed it, bringing a level of professionalism and know-how that made the whole process a breeze.

From day one, Wise Growth Marketing showed a deep understanding of our brand and industry. They gave us some killer insights into what’s hot in the market and how users navigate online, helping us spruce up our website for that wow factor.

The changes they made to our company’s website blew us away. We highly recommend this marketing agency to anyone on the lookout for a savvy marketing partner.

What We Did For This Project

When SEA.O.G approached us, they were at a crucial juncture. They knew the potential of a well-optimized website but were unsure how to get there. Here’s how we transformed their digital real estate using a robust platform like WordPress for their web design project:

  1. Website Design and Development: As part of our website design services, using a tool like Figma, we hand-constructed a design for each page. Understanding that first impressions are vital, we designed a user-friendly interface that reflects SEA.O.G’s expertise and authority in marine engineering. The new site not only looked professional but is structured to guide visitors seamlessly from introduction to inquiry.

    SEA.O.G Figma Board
    SEA.O.G Figma Board
  2. SEO and Content Strategy: To boost SEA.O.G’s visibility, we implemented a targeted SEO strategy, using industry-grade SEO research tools. We conducted extensive keyword research to identify terms such as “Offshore Wind” that potential clients frequently search for. Our team crafted high-quality, informative content for each page that positioned SEA.O.G as a thought leader, significantly improving their chances for each page to appear on the search engine rankings and attract organic traffic.

    SEA.O.G Keyword Research
    Keyword research for SEA.O.G’s primary keyword
  3. Custom CRM Integration: Knowing the importance of efficient customer management, we leveraged Elementor forms and integrated their CRM system (Monday CRM) using Make. This tool streamlined their client interactions and ensured that no inquiry went unanswered. It also allowed SEA.O.G to track leads and conversions effectively, providing them with valuable insights into customer behavior.

    SEA.O.G Make CRM Automation
    SEA.O.G Make CRM Automation
  4. Hosting and Maintenance: We still to date provide SEA.O.G with reliable website hosting and proactive website maintenance to ensure the website remains fast and functional. This ongoing support minimizes downtime and protects against potential security threats, ensuring that SEA.O.G’s digital assets always perform at their best.
  5. Analytics and Iteration: With continuous monitoring and analytics, we keep a close eye on the website’s performance on an ongoing basis. This data-driven approach allowed us to make informed decisions and iterate on strategies that weren’t performing as expected. As a result, we optimized SEA.O.G’s marketing activities to ensure maximum ROI.

The Results We Drove

The results were immediate, especially in an industry that’s not as Digital Marketing friendly, such as Offshore services. Within just two months of the website’s launch, SEA.O.G dominated the search results for key industry terms, saw a substantial increase in monthly searches, and, most notably, received multiple high-value inquiries that opened new business opportunities.

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