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How Much Does Website Redesign Cost? 10 Factors That Influence Price

Web designer at a computer working on website redesign

How much does it cost to redesign a website? This is a question that business owners ask all the time, and for good reason – having an online presence is more important than ever.

The cost of creating a website can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including size, complexity, and level of customization.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 factors that influence the price of redesigning a website. We’ll also provide some tips on how to keep costs down. So, if you’re wondering how much it will cost to get your business online, read on!

You should consider website redesign for one simple reason

Why redesign your website? Your website wasn’t designed to stand the test of time. It’s an unfortunate reality that most websites aren’t designed with longevity in mind. Even the best developers and designers can’t foresee what the future will bring.

Technology changes rapidly, and your website’s design is no exception. As such, redesigning a site is often necessary to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Photo of blocks spelling out the word "change," but there is a "C" block under the "G", signifying the opportunity to turn web design changes into a "Chance" for growth.
How Much Does Website Redesign Cost? 10 Factors That Influence Price 5

A website redesign can breathe new life into your online presence, making it more attractive to customers and helping you stand out from the competition.

Additionally, a redesign can help improve your website’s usability, boost your search engine rankings, and increase traffic to your site.

But before you start planning your redesign, it’s important to understand the cost. The redesigning process can be a time-consuming and expensive task, so it’s important to have a budget in mind before you begin.

How much does a website redesign cost?

Redesigns, all in all, tend to cost about as much as a development build. Of course, there are always outliers on either end of the spectrum, but the below will give you a good idea of what to budget for.

Generally, the cost of redesigning a website will depend on two factors: size and complexity. A small, informational website with standard customization is likely to be cheaper than a larger website with lots of highly customized content. Additionally, the price for redesigning a website can vary greatly depending on your location – a website redesign in New York City is likely to be more expensive than redesigning a website in rural Wyoming.

So how much does a website redesign cost? Here’s a breakdown of the numbers and how they can change depending on the size of your project.

Website redesign cost breakdown

Small site (10- 20 hrs)$100 – $500$100 – $1,000$1,200 – $3,000
Medium site (20 – 100 hrs)$500 – $3,000$1,000 – $5,000$3,000 – $20,000
Large site (100+ hrs)$3,000+Not typically supported$20,000+

So, a website redesign can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to almost $100,000, but you don’t have to worry about shelling out corporate-level money for a one-pager. The above should give you a better idea of what you can expect depending on what you want out of your website. If a freelancer or agency is quoting you a price that’s way out of your budget, it might be time to find someone new.

It’s important to remember that these are just general guidelines, and the actual cost of redesigning your website may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of your business. Let’s take a look at some of the most common factors that influence redesign costs.

10 factors that influence website redesign price

If you’ve never designed or re-designed a website before, then it’s likely that you don’t know what to expect in terms of price. To help you get started on your redesign journey, here are some common factors that influence redesign costs:

1. Website size and complexity

A small informational website with standard customization is likely to be cheaper than a larger website with lots of pages and highly customized content.

However, redesigning a large website is not always more expensive than redesigning a small one; redesigning costs depend on many other factors as well.

For example, if you redesign a large website but don’t change the layout or design, then redesigning costs will be less than redesigning a small site that requires significant changes to its structure and appearance.

2. Level of customization

The more customized and unique your redesign is, the higher the cost will be. This is because more time and effort will be required to make the necessary changes, and often there is a higher level of risk involved in redesigning complex websites.

For example, you might want custom features such as e-commerce capability or interactive graphics, and redesigning these elements requires more time and effort than redesigning simpler features like text fields.

3. Content migration

The more content you have on your current website, the higher cost will be to migrate it to a new website. This is because content must be reviewed, edited, and formatted to ensure that it meets the new website’s design and layout.

Additionally, some of your website’s content may no longer be relevant or appropriate for your redesign, so it must be removed or rewritten before the redesign can take place.

4. SEO redesign

One of the most important factors of any website development project is SEO (search engine optimization). If you want to redesign your website so that it ranks higher in search engines, then this cost will be higher than redesigning a site with no attention to SEO at all.

However, if you’re redesigning a website that already has a strong SEO foundation, the overall cost will most likely be lower.

5. Hosting and domain name

If you’re redesigning your website, you’ll need to purchase a new hosting plan and register a new domain name. This can add significantly to the overall cost of the project, so it’s important to factor these expenses into your redesign budget.

You can either redesign your website and move it to a new hosting plan or redesign the site on its current host’s platform, but you’ll have more flexibility if you redesign your site with a new host.

In addition, redesigning your website on another host will make it easier for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to index and rank your redesign.

6. Graphics and branding

If you want to update your company’s logo or create new graphics for your website, this will add to the overall redesign price.

But, if you’re happy with your current branding and only redesigning minor aspects of it (such as adding some new graphics to your homepage), then redesign costs will be cheaper than redesigning an entire logo or brand package.

7. Functionality

Functionality is another factor that influences redesign cost. If you’re redesigning a simple website with no features beyond text and images, then redesign costs may not be very high at all.

However, if you want to add new features or redesign existing ones, the cost of the project will increase.

For example, adding an e-commerce system to your website will be more expensive than redesigning a contact form.

8. Analytics

Many businesses track their website’s performance through analytics programs like Google Analytics or Adobe SiteCatalyst, which can provide useful information about how users interact with your website.

If you want to redesign your website using analytics data to guide your decisions, then the cost of the project will be higher than redesigning a site without this information.

9. Responsive design

Redesigning a website to be responsive (meaning that it looks good and functions well on all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones) or even building a separate mobile site costs more than redesigning a site without paying attention to responsiveness.

However, this added expense can be worth it in the long run if you want your website to look great and function well on all devices, which we highly recommend.

10. Additional features

If you want to add new features to your website during the redesign process (such as an online store, social media integration, or a blog), then this will also increase redesign costs.

However, if you’re happy with the functionality of your current site and only want to make minor changes, then redesign costs will be lower.

How to keep website redesign pricing down

Person at a table counting American coins, contemplating how to keep web redesign costs down.
How Much Does Website Redesign Cost? 10 Factors That Influence Price 6

There are a few ways to keep redesign pricing down without sacrificing quality:

Stick to your redesign budget

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to be realistic about how much you can afford to spend on redesigning your website. If you go over budget, the cost of the project will increase and you may have to make compromises on features or quality.

Use a redesign template

Many companies offer templates for redesigning your website, which can be a cost-effective way to get the look and feel you want without spending too much money. However, redesign templates may limit your options for redesigning certain elements of the site.

Build on an existing platform

If you’re redesigning your website with a content management system (like WordPress or Drupal), it may be cheaper to build your redesign on top of this CMS than redesign everything from scratch.

This is because you’ll have more flexibility with redesigning your website, as you won’t have to redesign the underlying code or redesign any features that already exist.

Get a quote

If you’re redesigning your website with a redesign agency, ask for redesign pricing estimates from several different companies before making a decision. This will help ensure that you get the best price possible without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Reducing costs: the key takeaway

In the end, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much it costs to redesign a website. The redesign cost of your site will depend on a number of factors, some of which we’ve listed above.

However, by following these tips, you can keep redesign costs down without sacrificing quality or functionality.

The best thing you can do is to work with a web design agency you can trust. This way you’ll know what redesigning your website will cost before any work begins, and you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or unexpected costs that could be added on at the last minute.

Web redesign can be a great way to breathe new life into an old website, but it’s important that you know what redesigning your site will cost before any work begins.

Keep reading to learn about the website design process from start to finish!

What does website redesign look like? 

Generally, the redesign process will involve a few key steps:

  1. Planning and research: This is where your agency will work with you to determine the goals of the redesign project, as well as do an audit of your current website to see what can be reused and what needs to be redesigned.
  2. Design mockups: The next step is to create mockups of the redesign. These mockups will show you what the redesign will look like and how various elements (such as navigation, content areas, etc.) will be arranged on each page.
  3. Development: Once your agency has been given approval for the redesign mockups, they’ll begin developing them into a complete redesign.
  4. Testing: After the redesign is completed, it’s important that your agency test it to make sure everything works as expected (no broken links, pages load quickly, etc.).
  5. Launch: After testing has been completed and any issues resolved, the redesign can be launched on your live website.

We can’t speak for other agencies, but we follow a swift and simple design process where we provide you with a proposal outlining what redesigning your website will cost. This is followed by the design mockups and development stage and then testing before launch. The goal is to provide you with a high-quality redesign that meets your needs and budget without taking up too much of your valuable time.

Factors to consider before website redesign

Redesigning your website can be a great way to breathe new life into an old site, but it’s important that you take the time to consider all of the factors involved before making a decision. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Purpose of redesign

What is your goal for redesigning your website? Is it to redesign an outdated website? Is it to redesign a site that’s not performing well on search engines or with customers? Whatever your purpose is, make sure you have a clear idea of what redesigning will accomplish before beginning the redesign process.


How much are you willing to spend on redesigning your website? Be sure to have a budget in mind before starting the redesign process, as this can help keep costs in check.


How much time are you willing to commit to the redesign process? A redesign can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on its complexity. So be sure to factor in the amount of time you’re willing to spend on redesigning your website.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you’ll be in a better position to make a decision about whether or not website redesign is right for you. If you decide that redesigning your website is the right move, be sure to work with an agency that has a solid process and can deliver what you’re looking for within your budget.

When to hire a web design agency for website redesign 

We recommend hiring an agency if you’re a business owner who wants to redesign their business website, but doesn’t have the time or resources to do so themselves. 

Similarly, if you’re a business owner that has neither expertise nor experience in web development, it’s best to hire an agency. Just as you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, redesigning your own website without the proper experience or expertise can be a costly mistake.

What web design agencies bring to the table

A redesign involves more than just changing your site from one design to another. It also includes planning and research phases where your agency will determine the goals of your redesign project, and an audit of your current website to see what can be reused and what needs to be redesigned.

Web design agency members sitting around a computer discussing website redesign.
How Much Does Website Redesign Cost? 10 Factors That Influence Price 7

Again, we can’t speak for other agencies, but the deliverables that we provide our clients include the following (and more):

  • Sitemap that outlines site and page structure
  • Design strategy
  • Content strategy (if you’re looking for new content)
  • Post-launch analytics implementation
  • Post-lanch speed test report

We designed these deliverables to demystify the web development process for our clients. You should know what you’re getting when you’re getting it, and the steps your agency will take to provide you with a website that converts.

Another extremely important service that web design agencies can provide is website maintenance. Read on if you would like to know how website maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in website redesign costs.

Website maintenance: your website’s first line of defense

While it’s true that websites naturally deteriorate over time, regular website maintenance can greatly extend the lifespan of your website and keep it looking and performing its best for longer. Think of it like this: a car that receives regular oil changes and inspections will easily outlive a car that is never taken to the mechanic.

The same is true for websites – by having a website maintenance plan in place, you’re essentially giving your website an oil change and inspection on a regular basis.

Man with a clipboard leaning next to a white car.
How Much Does Website Redesign Cost? 10 Factors That Influence Price 8

Of course, website redesigns cost money – but the right maintenance plan can help you avoid them altogether by fixing small issues before they become big ones.

The website maintenance process in a nutshell

Website maintenance is the process of maintaining and updating your website on an ongoing basis. It can include tasks like adding new content to your site, redesigning pages or sections as necessary, and implementing SEO updates that help search engines find you.

A well-maintained website will ensure that it always looks its best for visitors (including potential customers) and that it’s performing at its best from a technical standpoint. It will also protect your website from vulnerabilities that can leave it open to attack.

In short, web design agencies can provide a wealth of services that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Digital Operating Solutions is a proud Wix Partner. Check out Wix’s blog post for more information on website maintenance.

What is the cost of website maintenance?

The cost of website maintenance depends on the size and complexity of your website, as well as the frequency of updates required. Generally speaking, though, we offer affordable rates that are designed to fit any budget.

We offer affordable website maintenance services for business owners who want to put more miles on their business websites. We’d love to help you do the same!

A worry-free solution for your next website redesign

Redesigning an existing website can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right redesign company on your side, you’ll get all of the tools and resources needed to make this process as easy as possible.

At WGM, we know what it takes to get your redesign done right – which means you won’t have any surprises along the way! Our team has helped companies like yours take their redesigns from start to finish without missing out on important details that could impact your redesign’s success rate.

Final thoughts on website redesign costs

It’s true that website redesigns will cost you money, but they’re critical to improving your company’s online presence. By neglecting your website, you could be losing out on business and customers. A well-designed website will return money in your pocket!

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, be sure to keep these things in mind: the cost of redesigning a company website can vary depending on size, complexity, and services needed; it’s important to have a realistic budget in mind before starting any redesigns, and it’s always best to work with a professional redesign company who can help you get the most out of your website redesign.

So, how much does it cost to redesign a website? As you can see, there are many factors that go into the final price – but if you use this guide as a starting point for your redesign, then you’ll be well on your way to having an amazing new website design that will serve its purpose and help grow your business!

Frequently asked questions

Can I redesign an existing website?

Yes, it is possible to redesign an existing website. However, keep in mind that the cost may be higher than if you were to create a new website from scratch. This is because there are often additional costs involved in redesigning a website, such as transferring all of your content over to a new site or redesigning any existing graphics or templates.

If you’re redesigning an existing website, it’s important to keep all of these factors in mind when planning your redesign. Otherwise, you may end up paying more than what is necessary for the redesign process.

What is the cost to build website from scratch?

It depends. How big is the website you want to build? How many pages will it have? How complex are the graphics and animations you want? These are just a few of the factors that can influence the cost of building a website.

Generally speaking, though, website development costs range anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 – or more. The larger and more complex your website is, the more it will cost to build.

How much does it cost per month to maintain a website?

The cost to maintain a website on a monthly basis will depend on who you choose to maintain your site. On average, website maintenance will cost small to medium-sized businesses a few hundred per month. But remember, this is a small cost compared to what you would have to spend for a complete website overhaul.

How much does a website redesign cost?

Website redesign services can be as simple (and inexpensive) as changing a few aspects of your existing site, or they can include a complete overhaul that costs thousands of dollars. It all depends on what you’re looking to accomplish with your redesign.

For instance, maybe you want to redesign the look and feel of your site, add new pages or sections, or update your content. These types of redesigns are typically less expensive than overhauls, which involve redesigning the entire site from scratch.

Keep in mind that any redesign – big or small – will have associated costs with it, such as design and development time, transferring existing content to the new site, digital marketing services, and so on. So, it’s important to plan accordingly and make sure you’re budgeting for all of the associated costs.

How will redesign affect my ongoing digital marketing strategy?

Website redesigns often have a variety of effects on ongoing digital marketing strategies. For instance, redesigning the look and feel of your site can affect how users engage with it, which in turn affects how they interact with your brand as a whole. It’s important to understand these potential impacts before committing to any redesign project.

For example, redesigns can provide new opportunities for SEO optimization that weren’t possible before. This means there’s potential to increase traffic and conversions from a redesign project – but only if it’s done right!

Unfortunately, redesigns can also have a negative impact on digital marketing strategies (if they’re not done right). For instance, redesigning the look and feel of your site may make navigation more difficult for users or even change how search engines index its content – both of which could negatively impact your digital marketing efforts.

When redesigning a website, it’s important to consider how these types of redesigns can affect long-term SEO strategies and user engagement before committing to them!

How do I find the right website builder for me?

Finding the right design agency is a matter of doing research. Take some time to look around at different agencies and compare their rates, services, and portfolios. Ask for references from past clients or read reviews left by former customers to get an idea of what it’s like to work with them before making any commitments.

Once you’ve chosen an agency, make sure they understand what it is you’re looking for in your redesign. If possible, arrange a meeting with them to discuss how much work will be required and what kind of budget constraints exist so that everyone’s on the same page before starting any redesigns or redesigning any existing graphics templates.

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